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Grace McDonnell's parents on how they are coming to terms with Sandy Hook tragedy - VIDEO

A Newtown family have told Anderson Cooper on CNN how they drew their daughter’s favorite things on her coffin in an effort to come to terms with their pain...READ MORE


 The top ten Irish Christmas traditions that make the season - PHOTOS

Christmas really brings out the best in Ireland and the Irish from cheerful festivities to wild acts of machismo, happy reunions, musical celebrations in Church and partying. In Ireland Christmas lasts for about two weeks and is gladly celebrated as a respite from the winter...READ MORE


 Suicide sisters’ mum launches legal action against Donegal schools authority

The mother of suicide sisters Erin and Shannon Gallagher is to take legal action against the school authorities in Donegal.

Speaking just 28 hours after she buried her 15-year-old daughter Shannon, Lorraine Gallagher confirmed the action...READ MORE


 Niall O'Dowd: A blue Christmas made worse by Newtown massacre of the innocent -- Memories of my late nephew Rory Staunton amid sad scenes from Connecticut

Last Saturday I should have been at my sister and brother-in-law’s in Sunnyside, Queens, trimming their tree with my daughter Alana and wife Debbie...READ MORE


Historic move as Irish government drafts abortion legislation for 2013 vote

In an historic move, the Irish government has agreed to introduce new legislation allowing abortions to be carried out in Ireland within the terms of the Supreme Court ruling in the X Case...READ MORE