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17-week pregnant woman dies in Irish hospital after doctors refuse termination

A 17-week pregnant woman who was denied a termination after being told she was miscarrying died in a Galway hospital “in agony,” her husband said...READ MORE


Shocking rise in number of rapes and sexual assaults in Irish sections of the Bronx

Shocking reports of a spate of rapes and violent sexual assaults in the strongly Irish neighborhood of McLean Avenue and Woodlawn in the Bronx have seen community leaders there take decisive action this week...READ MORE


Top ten things that Ireland does better than the United States - from soda bread to Guinness

We may have flocked to the US in millions over the centuries, but despite our love for America there are many things that Ireland does better...READ MORE


Bill O’Reilly says ‘secular progressives’ are intent on ‘destroying traditional America’

Fox news pundit Bill O'Reilly claims he knows why Mitt Romney and the Republican Party were so strongly defeated in the November 6 election...READ MORE


Online petition calls for Macy’s to fire Donald Trump over birther joke on advert

Donald Trump, you're fired. That's the phrase that over 460,000 participants in an online petition hope to hear after demanding Macy's fire The Apprentice boss as a celebrity spokesman...READ MORE


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