Today's top Irish news stories:

Top bishops clash over excommunication of Catholics who support new abortion bill

A row has erupted between two senior Irish Catholic church leaders over the treatment of those who support the new abortion legislation.

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Coadjutor Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin have clashed as the abortion debate intensifies...READ MORE


Irish leader delivers powerful commencement speech at Boston College as Cardinal Sean O'Malley snubs event

Irish leader Enda Kenny received a standing ovation on Monday morning when he delivered a rousing commencement speech at Boston College.

Addressing the 6,000 strong crowd, Kenny’s 26-minute speech for the 137th annual Boston College Commencement touched on everything from being a father to Twitter...READ MORE


Guinness summit? Obama and Putin to enjoy a pint at the G8 Summit

President Barack Obama will be back on the Guinness next month – when he will raise a glass with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a County Fermanagh report.

The Irish Sun reports that world leaders at the G8 summit at the Lough Erne resort will be brought for a pint in a typical Irish pub...READ MORE


US billionaire backs Irish economy’s turnaround in response to crisis

n American billionaire has described his investment in one of Ireland’s ailing banks as his ‘best ever’.

Wilbur Ross led a consortium which paid over $1.5billion for a 10 per cent stake in Bank of Ireland at the height of the Irish banking crisis...READ MORE


Computer giant Apple avoiding $25 billion in taxes with secret Irish tax haven

Computer giant Apple has been accused of using offshore operations in Ireland to avoid billions of dollars in US taxes. The total for Ireland may be as high as $25 billion over the past three years...READ MORE


Dublin's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin