Today's top Irish news stories:

Ancient logboat discovered along the banks of the River Boyne “very rare”

An ancient logboat that could be 5,000 years old was discovered partially embedded in the banks of the River Boyne in Ireland. An archaeologist said the boat has a “very rare” feature...READ MORE


Lack of an abortion did not cause Savita Halappanavar’s death in Galway

Last Saturday I was agreeing fully with Niall O’Dowd’s editorial on Cardinal O’Malley’s snub to our Taoiseach (Prime Minister). Having shook hands with Obama I couldn’t understand how he couldn’t do the same with Enda Kenny... READ MORE


Christine Quinn comes clean on her alcoholism and binge eating in New York Times interview

Christine Quinn, front-runner for New York mayor has admitted she received treatment for alcoholism and binge eating in a new book due out next month...READ MORE


No U.S Ambassador to Ireland in place until September at least say insiders

There will be no U.S. ambassador to Ireland in place until at least September say Washington sources who state that a couple of top names have been derailed because of background check issues...READ MORE


Warrant issued for arrest of Irishman who roared racial abuse at Notre Dame fans in Dublin

A man who screamed racist abuse at an American football fan who had traveled to Dublin for the Notre Dame-Navy Emerald Classic game last year has had a warrant issued for his arrest...READ MORE


Christy Finglas (pictured), a member of the Boyne Fisherman's Rescue and Recovery Service (BFRRS) discovered an ancient log-boat, possibly thousands of years old in the bank of the Boyne river in Drog