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Shock as firefighters banned from Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade - VIDEO

In a shock move, hundreds of firefighters including firemen from New York and Ireland have been barred from the Savannah, Georgia parade because of repeated drinking violations...READ MORE


Has Rory McIlroy joined Oscar Pistorius, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods in the Nike curse?

Irish pro golfer Rory McIlroy could be the latest star to be affected by what people are calling the ‘Curse of the Nike.’..READ MORE


Why priestly celibacy must continue in the Catholic Church

In recent times there has been an increasing number of challenges to the rule of mandatory celibacy for priests. This is understandable in a society that has become sexually permissive almost beyond belief. Nonetheless, celibacy lies at the heart of a priest’s identity and commitment...READ MORE


Roma Downey scores massive hit for The History Channel with ‘The Bible’ - VIDEO

Roma Downey’s ‘The Bible’ has drawn near record audiences for The History Channel. She and her husband, Mark Burnett of ‘Survivor’ fame, are sitting on a huge hit despite mediocre reviews...READ MORE


Irish American Bailey O’Neill 12-year-old boy attacked by bullies dies in hospital - VIDEO

America's bullying epidemic may have just claimed another victim. This time it's a 12 year old boy.

According to his family, Bailey O'Neill, who turned 12 on Saturday, was jumped by two classmates during recess at the Darby Township School in Philadelphia last January, suffering a concussion and a broken nose...READ MORE


Firefighters having fun with the crowds at a previous St Patrick's Day parade - Out of town firefighters banned from the celebrations in Savannah due to excessive drinking