Today's top Irish news stories:

370,000 babies were born yesterday, 29,000 will die before age 5

No, the Messiah was not born yesterday, contrary to what you might have been thinking such was the media hype...READ MORE


Descendants of orphaned famine emigrants in tears as they return to Ireland

It was an emotional sort of homecoming as ancestors of those who fled Ireland in the Famine returned at the weekend as part of the Gathering festivities...READ MORE


Huge basking shark swims with kayaker off Donegal (VIDEO)

An Irish kayaker captured rare footage when a huge basking shark joined him while he was fishing off the coast of Donegal...READ MORE


Italian doctor to present research on Irish set dancing as remedy for Parkinson's

An Italian Doctor’s chance discovery of the therapeutic effects of Irish set dancing in the treatment of Parkinson's disease will be the subject of an international Gathering event in Co. Clare next month...READ MORE


Former pilot glued cash machines after row with Ulster Bank over mortgage payments

A retired pilot has apologized after he was convicted of gluing up ATMs in a bitter row with his bank over mortgage payment increases...READ MORE


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