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Irish language first as Canadian astronaut tweets as Gaeilge from space

Twitter Irish has gone inter-galactic – thanks to a Canadian astronaut.

Former Canadian Royal Air Force pilot Cmdr Chris Hadfield has engaged in a Twitter conversation with a bit of Irish thrown in for good measure...READ MORE


What to expect at Conclave in unusual case of Pope Benedict stepping down from Vatican role

For the first time since 1415, we are going  to have a conclave or papal election with no Pope to bury beforehand.  But the procedures for the election are not affected by this ‘novelty.’ Dan Brown might seem an unlikely source for information on a Papal election but the detailed description in Angels and Demons was apparently taken from a book by a Jesuit scholar and is quite accurate...READ MORE


Irish American firefighter chosen as Irish Bachelor of the Year

The 2013 Aisling Irish Center Bachelor of the Year title was bestowed upon Brian Downey who was sponsored by Kelly Ryan’s Bar and Grill in Riverdale. Downey, a ruggedly handsome firefighter from the Bronx, was thrilled with the honor as he accepted the title. Ryan Logue was runner up and Brian McCarthy most entertaining...READ MORE


Irish Americans lead rescue of drunken man in New York subway drama

An Irish American air force cadet and his two friends have been hailed as heroes after rescuing an incapacitated stranger from the tracks as a New York subway train approached...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Shock as Fianna Fail Zombie back from the dead -- New opinion poll shows party heading the rest

Who wudda thunk it?

Less than two years after receiving the worst trashing in Irish electoral history and falling from 41 per cent to 17 per cent support Fianna Fail are back...READ MORE


Cmdr Chris Hadfield tweeted a night-time photograph of Dublin taken from the International Space Station (ISS) with a message written partly in Irish.