Today's top Irish news stories:

Boston cop’s heart stopped for 45 min - Irish American hero shot during chase expected to survive

The Boston police officer shot and wounded during a fierce gunfight with the Boston marathon bombing suspects lost all of his own blood and his heart stopped beating for a shocking 45 minutes before he was successfully resuscitated, his doctors say...READ MORE


New York police crackdown on anti-redhead mocking - Christine Quinn backs anti-bullying

New York Police Department (NYPD) sergeants and lieutenants have been spreading the message to cops “Don’t discriminate against carrot-top cops!” In one of the most racially diverse cities in the world harassment of redheads will not be tolerated. ‘..READ MORE


Boston College and Notre Dame game could be played in Ireland in 2015

The news that Boston College will play Notre Dame in 2015 has dramatically increased the chances that the game could go to Ireland.

The teams will not play between now and 2015 and it will be a home game for Notre Dame...READ MORE


2013 Rich List show number of Irish billionaires has doubled since economic crash

The number of billionaires in Ireland has almost doubled in recent years, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

This year there were 31 new entrants in the Sunday Times Irish Rich List. A revival in manufacturing  has been credited with generating almost 50 percent of the new entrants to the annual list...READ MORE


Leading Republican Paul Ryan comes out in favor of immigration reform despite Boston attacks

Former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has come out strongly in favor of immigration reform and says the Boston bombings have convinced him even more the system is broken...READ MORE


"Boston Strong" poster of Sean Collier (RIP) and Richard D Donohue JR who were both shot by the Boston bombers. The two Irish American cops graduated from the Academy together in 2010© Reuters