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Westboro Baptist Church celebrates Boston Marathon explosion

There's no tragedy too painful for those self-styled Christians over at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yesterday they publicly celebrated the Boston Marathon Explosion and announced their plans to protest the funerals of the innocent people killed, one of which will reportedly include an eight year old boy...READ MORE


Murder at the Boston marathon as terrorists strike beloved race

108 Irish runners competed in the Boston marathon and all seemed to be accounted for safely, according to Irish authorities. Two bombs went off on the route and 3 were reported dead with 142 injured, many seriously...READ MORE


US Supreme court rejects appeal over secret IRA tapes at Boston College

The United States Supreme Court has denied an appeal that sought to keep interviews with former IRA members being turned over to the Northern Irish  police...READ MORE


Archaeologists in Fermanagh discover 600-year-old murder mystery beneath controversial crannog

Drumclay Crannóg area will be cleared to make way for new Enniskillen link road despite massive 4,000 object find...READ MORE


'Irish Jimmy Savile' shared bed with pupils - dead celebrity could have abused 100s of children

A new documentary claims that Domhnall O Lubhlai, who has been branded the “Irish Jimmy Saville”, sexually abused dozens of boys over two decades...READ MORE