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Donald Trump’s Obama attacks and other antics could cost him his NBC “Apprentice” gig

Donald Trump thinks he has everyone else's number, so he may be surprised to discover that someone finally has his.

According to the Huffington Post, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt is reportedly keeping a close eye on the Apprentice host...READ MORE


Pope Benedict slams Ireland’s attempts to introduce abortion

The Pope has slammed proposals to change Ireland’s anti-abortion laws and expressed his ‘dismay’ at the moves.

Pope Benedict appeared to refer to Ireland in an address at the Vatican when he expressed his horror at the proposed introduction of abortion legislation ‘in various countries, even those of Christian tradition.’..READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Nightmare for Notre Dame ends a dream season for Fighting Irish

Miami: In the end the dream season ended in a nightmare for Notre Dame, but the fans in Sun Life stadium in North Miami were still resilient despite the beating.

“Think how bad we’ve been for so many years,” said the woman from Virginia beside me as the Alabama juggernaut rolled over and crushed the Irish. “We made the national  title  game, that is amazing.’..READ MORE


Governor Cuomo announces new law after Rory Staunton’s tragic death

Rory Staunton’s death will save up to 8,000 lives a year after the introduction of new hospital procedures in the state of New York.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has responded to Rory’s tragic death from severe septic shock by ordering the new measures...READ MORE


Gerry Adams accused of hypocrisy over New York prostate operation

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been branded a hypocrite after choosing to have an operation in America rather than using the public health service in Ireland.

The Louth deputy opted to use private medical care in the States for surgery on a prostate problem last summer...READ MORE