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Niall O'Dowd: Proving the Irish Famine was genocide by the British

Tim Pat Coogan moves Famine history on to a new plane

The most significant section of Tim Pat Coogan’s new book on the Irish Famine is not his own writing, but his printing of the United Nations definition of genocide...READ MORE


Loyalist protest turns violent as Belfast lowers Union Jack- VIDEO

Loyalist protesters tried to storm Belfast City Hall after the Belfast City Council voted to take down the Union Jack over the hall except for seventeen special days in the year. They also attacked St. Matthew’s Catholic Church near the downtown Belfast location...READ MORE


Wicklow named among best places in world to live in survey - VIDEO

Two Irish villages have been voted amongst the best places to live in the world in a global poll.

The LivCom awards also recognised the county of Wicklow as a desirable address...READ MORE


Paddy Power betting on baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Fancy a bet on baby?

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a series of bets on the new royal baby, including the favored baby names...READ MORE


Humpback whale puts on a show for photographer in Baltimore harbour

A Cork photographer has snapped the pic of a lifetime of a humpback whale – after some quick thinking.

Simon Duggan, a 44-year-old amateur snapper from Baltimore, was out for a walk with his dog when he spotted whales in the local bay...READ MORE