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Cannibal NYPD cop wife reveals horror at his plans to tie her up and rape her

The trial of New York City’s Cannibal Cop has heard his wife describe how he wanted to tie her up by her feet and her throat and ‘watch the blood rush from my body’...READ MORE


Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit Ireland in 2014

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are to visit Ireland in 2014.

Buckingham Palace is finalising plans for the Royals to follow Queen Elizabeth across the Irish Sea..READ MORE


Oscar award winning Daniel Day-Lewis feels most at home in his beloved Wicklow

He’s the greatest actor in the world after winning a record third Best Actor Oscar but to the people in a small village in County Wicklow he’s just a local lad made good...READ MORE


Heroine of the 1798 Rebellion: Betsy Gray, the Irish rebel girl fought and fell

In the green fields of Ballynahinch, the young Betsy Gray fell in battle alongside her father and fiance who had fought with her during the 1798 Rebellion...READ MORE


Axed Cardinal O’Brien was close friends with child sex monster Jimmy Savile

The British church leader sacked by the Pope openly boasted of his friendship with notorious pedophile and TV personality Jimmy Savile...READ MORE


Cannibal NYPD cop Gilberto Valle and his wife Kathleen Mangan