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Denis O’Brien cited by Bill Clinton in Time magazine cover story for “changing the world”

Former president Bill Clinton has written in a Time Magazine cover story that Irish businessman Denis O’Brien’s move to make cash transactions available for the poorest in the world via cell phones was the number one idea in changing the world...READ MORE


Irish leader Enda Kenny accused of being rude to Pope Benedict - VIDEO

Irish leader Enda Kenny has been accused of snubbing the pope after playing with his cell phone and texting while the Pope was speaking to a group of political leaders last weekend...READ MORE


Irish mother’s distraught plea for her missing daughter to come home

A distraught Irish mother has pleaded for anyone with information about her missing daughter in Melbourne, Australia to come forward with information...READ MORE


Internet trolls horrific attacks on Irish couple who broadcast child’s birth on YouTube – VIDEO

Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly, from Cork, the couple recently broadcast the birth of their baby, Emilia Thomasina, on YouTube, have become victims of a vicious campaign of abuse...READ MORE


Obesity cure claim by Irish and US researchers from Trinity and Harvard

The research carried out by Trinity College Dublin, St Vincent's Hospital and Harvard University found that a type of anti-tumor immune cell protects against obesity and the metabolic syndrome that leads to diabetes...READ MORE