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Old Spanish document suggests Irish were in America before Columbus

While Christopher Columbus is generally credited with having discovered America in 1492, a 1521 Spanish report provides inklings of evidence that there were, in fact, Irish people settled in America prior to Columbus’ journey...READ MORE


Whitey Bulger’s racist reaction to President Barack Obama helped lead to his capture

A new book about crime boss Whitey Bulger claims his vehement dislike of president Obama helped his neighbor identify the crime boss and tip off the FBI...READ MORE


Canadian cardinal is the most likely next pope say insiders

With the resignation of Pope Benedict coming into effect on Feb 28th, there are only 20 days for the eligible cardinals with voting rights to elect a new pope...READ MORE


Curators respond to views that history exhibition in Washington is offensive to the Irish

The two curators of the Washington exhibit on Renaissance Ireland, which has been slammed for portraying the British as benign invaders by a leading Irish scholar, have defended their work...READ MORE


Mystery businessman kidnapped by Russian mob goes missing again after hospital discharge

The Irish businessman who claimed he was kidnapped by Russia mafia has gone missing again – this time of his own free will...READ MORE


Peter Martyr d'Anghiera, a historian and professor, wrote about what would become Georgia and the Carolinas in his report named "De Orbe Novo” (About the New World.)