Today's top Irish news stories:

Numbers in Ireland’s Catholic Church continue to drop - stigma attached to attending Mass

Once deemed the “most Catholic country,” Ireland now has a population that is struggling in their relationship with Catholicism...READ MORE


NYPD cops close to solving cold case murder of child in Donegal

New York police are close to cracking a Donegal murder that has baffled Irish cops since 1977.

An NYPD officer with Donegal roots prompted the department’s interest in the murder of six-year-old Mary Boyle...READ MORE


 Irish immigrant diagnosed with serious cancer receives dream trip to the Masters golf

As his battle against often deadly mesothelioma continues, Raymond Finerty’s wish to attend the Masters has been granted by the Dream Foundation in partnership with Genentech and Shivas Irons Society...READ MORE


 Michael Collins Dublin walking tour through key locations in the Big Fella’s life

Author Dermot McEvoy shows how Michael Collins is gone but not forgotten in a tour around Dublin which includes locations central to the story of one of Ireland’s most important leaders...READ MORE


 18-year-oldboy killed by subway - ran across Manhattan tracks as a dare

A high school student was struck and killed by an express train on the Upper West Side as he tried to cross the tracks on a dare.

Liam Armstrong, a student at Smithtown HS East, Long Island, was in Manhattan celebrating his 18th birthday when the accident took place...READ MORE


Author believes there's a stigma attached to going to Mass says Ireland is a "sterile, secular culture that looks at the Catholic Church as an army of priests raping children"