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Irish American Facebook friends discover they’re related through a status update

When Paula O’Brien and Abbey Donohoe met at a party four years ago, people instantly began to comment on how similar they looked. However, last week, a Facebook post from O’Brien would lead to the revelation that the two were in fact related...READ MORE


Vice President Joe Biden will lead the U.S. delegation to the Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis I

Vice President Joe Biden, an Irish American Catholic, will lead the American delegation to the Inaugural mass of Pope Francis I on Tuesday next...READ MORE


Irish sisters in Florida relieved they can fly tricolor for St. Patrick’s Day - VIDEO

The Irish sisters and owners of Culhane’s Irish Pub in Atlantic Beach, Florida are both excited and relieved that they will be able to fly the Irish flag over their pub this St. Patrick’s Day after a citation almost forbid them from doing so...READ MORE


Critics claim new Pope was part of Argentinean cover-up during junta reign

Critics of new Pope Francis have claimed that he maintained his silence as Argentina’s brutal military dictatorship raged a dirty war against left wing activists...READ MORE


Former Irish judge handed extended prison sentence for false accounting

The first judge in the history of the State to be convicted of a serious crime has been handed down a further two-year jail term for false accounting...READ MORE


Abbey Donohoe and Paula O'Brien discovered through Facebook that they're more than friends, they're aunt and nieceKWQC News