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Is Ireland sinking again? 87,000 emigrate and unemployment still 14.6 percent

What would the unemployment level be in Ireland if emigration were not, once again, the safety valve it has traditionally been?..READ MORE


Irish American surfer catches ‘world’s biggest wave’ off Portugal coast – VIDEO

The record breaking Irish American surfer Garrett McNamara took on the “world’s biggest wave” off the coast of Portugal, at Nazare...READ MORE


Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady to remain in prison as she fails to raise $500,000 bail

The Irish nanny, in Boston, accused of the assault of one-year-old Rehma Sabir causing her death, has failed to raise bail of $500,000 designated by the court. Aisling McCarthy Brady will now remain in prison until February 22 when her case is resumed...READ MORE


Property developer missing for eight months found wandering Leitrim road

Irish police are mystified after a property developer missing for eight months was found wandering the road in Leitrim in a distressed state...READ MORE


Latest fascinating facts and figures on Irish America revealed in Census data

Did you know there is an Emerald Isle in North Carolina that has 3,702 residents?

In the run up to St. Patrick's Day, the US Census Data has collated new figures and data on Irish Americans...READ MORE


A closing down sale is advertised in the windows of a jewellery store in Dublin. Photographer: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg