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Irish bookies favorite for new Pope is Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson

Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson is currently the Irish favorite to come in and replace Pope Benedict XVI’s vacant seat in the Vatican following his surprise resignation...READ MORE


Sequester threatens St. Patrick’s Day activities across the U.S. and Ireland

There are now fears that the sequester, the mandated cutbacks by the US government in government services, due to start March 1st, could deeply affect St. Patrick’s Day activities both in America and Ireland...READ MORE


Oldest Irish illegal, in US since 1920s, dies one month shy of citizenship

90-year-old illegal Irish immigrant Josephine Stout, who had been living in the U.S. since she was a toddler in the 1920s, passed away on Monday just a few weeks before officially becoming an American citizen...READ MORE


Busty St. Patrick’s Day mural sparks controversy in Brooklyn - VIDEO

A St. Patrick’s Day mural featuring a busty female saying “You’re the man” to a leprechaun on a  Brooklyn dry cleaners shop window has some locals slamming the imagery as demeaning and offensive...READ MORE


John Wayne’s Ulster roots are celebrated on Orange marching drum

John Wayne’s memory and his Irish heritage has been immortalised on a loyalist marching drum in Northern Ireland...READ MORE


The man who could replace Pope Benedict in the Vatican, according to Paddy Power, Ghana’s Cardinal Peter TurksonGoogle Images