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Top Irish history story:

Hitler’s secret plans to invade Ireland revealed in new document

A once top-secret document from Adolf Hitler has surfaced which details plans for an apparent invasion of  Ireland and Scotland during World War II. It was part of  “Operation Sea Lion.”..READ MORE


TopIrish roots story:

Top ten ways to pass as Irish - tips for tourists in Ireland

1. Wait approximately two minutes before sipping a Guinness, allowing it to settle completely...READ MORE


Top Irish news story:

Man arrested in missing Irish woman Jill Meagher's case - suspect to be charged with rape and murder

A 41-year-old Australian man has been arrested in relation to the disappearance of Jill Meagher in Melbourne. It is expected that he will be charged with rape and murder on Friday...READ MORE


Ireland’s Gathering 2013 officially launched in US by Tourism Minister - VIDEO

Come one, come all was the tourism message delivered by two of the Irish government’s leading ministers during a special event at the Irish Consulate in New York on Wednesday evening....READ MORE


Two men murdered in front of children in latest gangland shootings

Two men were shot dead in front of their children in unrelated murders within 36 hours of each other in the latest spree of gangland crime in Ireland...READ MORE