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The Irish Homecoming - My Forever American Valentine - meeting the love of my life in New York

It was across a dark bar in the Bronx back in 2004 that I saw him.  Just what the doctor ordered -- a tall, dark, handsome Irishman looking my way...READ MORE


St. Valentine's Day romance: 10 surprising facts about the Irish and sex

What is it about the Irish and sex? Pre-Christian Irish attitudes to sex were decidedly more conservative than in recent times, where Cupid was saddled with a chastity belt by an outwardly pious nation. But have times changed? You be the judge. Here are 10 surprising facts about the Irish and sex...READ MORE


Royal fury as Italian magazine publishes photos of pregnant Kate Middleton in a bikini

Photos of Prince William and his pregnant wife Kate Middleton on a private Caribbean holiday have sparked fresh anguish for the Royal family...READ MORE


Queen of England asked to turn Buckingham Palace green for St Patrick’s Day

Tourism chiefs want Buckingham Palace to go green on St Patrick’s Day – as they wait to unveil Kate Middleton’s Irish links...READ MORE


Miracle mums after Irish cancer victim has her best friend carry twins

In 2004 Angela Boylan, then 34, had just got married to Pablo Ruiz. Mass General Magazine reports the Irish woman living in Boston was looking forward to starting a family but soon after received the shocking news that she had uterine cancer and would likely never bear children. A second medical opinion bore out the first diagnosis...READ MORE


April and her Valentine John