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Niall O'Dowd: The truth is Margaret Thatcher likely ordered the Pat Finucane murder

The latest British inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane is again leaving massive questions unanswered.

The Guardian newspaper editorial headline said it best; “Pat Finucane murder: collusion, contrition, but not the whole truth.”..READ MORE


Tragedy as Donegal teenager found dead just months after her sister’s suicide

A Donegal family has been devastated by the death of their teenage daughter – just two months after her younger sister committed suicide...READ MORE


Irishman dies from physical exertion following Gangnam Style dance

Irishman Eamonn Kilbride, 46, died tragically from an apparent heart attack after performing the viral hit dance ‘Gangnam Style’ at an office party...READ MORE


Exclusive interview with ‘The Hobbit’s’ Aidan Turner - VIDEO

Dublin-born actor Aidan Turner has just touched down in New York after a direct flight from the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington, New Zealand. He’s already so jet-lagged he hardly knows where he is. The only thing that connects to each day is the hordes of screaming fans behind the rope lines...READ MORE


Ryanair forces seriously ill children to repack their overweight baggage

Budget airline Ryanair has been forced to apologize after it forced a group of seriously ill children and their families to repack their luggage before a dream trip to EuroDisney...READ MORE