Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish woman, the “White Widow”, suspected of involvement in Kenyan terror attack

Police in Britain and Kenya are investigating links between an Irish woman branded the “White Widow” and the shopping mall siege in Nairobi that has claimed 69 lives so far…READ MORE


Gabriel Byrne compares Irish Catholic Church to the Taliban (VIDEO)

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne has compared the Catholic Church in Ireland to the Taliban. The 63-year-old actor, whose new BBC drama series 'Quirke' is set in 1950s Ireland, recalled an incident when his mother, who was pushing him in a pram, stepped off the sidewalk into the road to make room for a priest…READ MORE


Drogheda-based priest targeted over baptism

A Drogheda-based rebel Augustinian priest has been removed from his parish after a complaint was made that he allowed the godparents to pour water on a baby's head during a baptism…READ MORE


Survey on Irish sex workers contradicts popular media stereotype

For the first time the men and women selling sex indoors in Ireland have been asked about their lives. The findings harshly contradict the popular media image of sex workers in Ireland…READ MORE


Over $200,000 in notes found under bathroom floor at bankrupt developer’s former home

A former IRA hunger striker turned property developer is at the center of a new mystery after over $200,000 in bank notes was found under the bathroom floor of his former Dublin residence…READ MORE