Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish horse and carriage owners vow to fight Central Park horse’s ban

Irish horse and carriage drivers in New York’s Central Park are deeply worried that their industry will be a thing of the past after the next mayor assumes office in January, but they’re not prepared to lose their livelihoods without a fight...READ MORE


Niall O’Dowd: A great Irish priest is silenced by small-minded critics

Father Iggy O’Donovan celebrated the funeral Mass for my mother in Drogheda, a large town 30 miles from Dublin, in 2000 when she passed away...READ MORE


Belfast Telegraph poll shows 3.8 percent in favor of United Ireland

The border is no longer an issue for most people in Northern Ireland, including many who vote for nationalist parties, a new poll has found...READ MORE


Police claim 'children plied with drugs and trafficked around Northern Ireland'

Police in Northern Ireland have made over 30 arrests and charged a number of suspects in relation to a major investigation into abuse of vulnerable young people...READ MORE


Family of Aisling McCarthy Brady to hold second fundraiser in Ireland

The family of Aisling McCarthy Brady, the Cavan nanny charged with the death of a one-year-old girl in her care in Boston, has said that she is “terrified and distraught” and “innocent” of the crime...READ MORE


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