Today's top Irish news stories:

Spectacular Northern Lights create surreal sights in Donegal (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

A solar explosion crashed into Earth's magnetic field on Tuesday evening and created the Northern Lights across parts of Canada, the United States and Ireland. One Donegal photographer took full advanctage and captured these other-worldly images…READ MORE


"No blacks, no dogs, no Irish" era recalled at Global Irish Economic Forum

An extraordinary speech by a retired Irish emigrant to Britain was the highlight of the opening session of the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin, attended by 250 delegates from all over the world…READ MORE


Irish honeymooners dream trip to Yosemite, Alcatraz ruined by government shutdown

The highlight of a Cork couple’s honeymoon has been ruined due to the shutdown of the US government....READ MORE


Former Bush adviser predicts 20 years of 'no growth' for Ireland

Former Bush adviser Dr. Pippa Malmgren said that Ireland will face 20 years of no growth because the European Central Bank (ECB) is unable to increase inflation to ease Ireland’s debt…READ MORE


Irish woman treated for stab wounds to face in Sydney

An Irish woman was treated for stab wounds to the face following an incident at a hostel in Sydney, Australia…READ MORE