Today's top Irish news stories:

Shocking untimely death of prominent Galway hurler and sports star

The Irish sports world has been left reeling by the sudden death of Niall Donoghue, a top class Galway hurler, who took part in last year’s All Ireland Final….READ MORE


‘Racial profiling’ behind Roma children’s 'abductions' by Irish police

Two young Roma children were removed from their families by Irish authorities who then carried out DNA tests on the children before returning them home. Human rights groups are claiming these children were “abducted” due to racial profiling following the case of the four-year-old girl, “Maria”, in Greece….READ MORE


Silenced priest Fr Iggy O’Donovan gets freedom of town honor in Drogheda

An outspoken Irish priest, who was removed from his post last month after performing an unconventional baptism, is to receive his former parish's highest honor on Thursday….READ MORE


Your Voice, Your View: Have your say about IrishCentral's redesign

Take our survey and improve your experience on America's largest Irish website. Dear IrishCentral Readers, We need your help!...READ MORE



Catholics voted most likely to stray but majority claim infidelity not a sin

The majority of cheaters do not think infidelity is a sin and that Catholics are most likely to stray, according to a new survey conducted by an infidelity website….READ MORE