Today's top Irish news stories:

Did famed Irish CEO of Intrade deliberately go to his death on Mount Everest?

Did Irishman John Delaney  world renowned CEO of Intrade, the company which created widely watched betting exchanges on American political elections, deliberately kill himself at age 42 on Mount Everest in April 2011?...READ MORE


Girl taken from gypsy family in Dublin, parallels “Maria” case in Greece (VIDEO)

A blue-eyed, fair-haired girl has been taken from a Roma family in Tallaght, Dublin. The Health Service Executive (HSE) was tipped off by a TV station which got a Facebook tip  following the massive international coverage of the case of four-year-old “Maria” abducted in Greece…READ MORE


“Rat infested” “hazardous” ghost ship disappears in Irish Sea

A 4,000 ton, rat-infested cruise ship that was lost somewhere off the coast of Ireland, is still reportedly floating on the high seas. The ghost ship, named Lyubov Orlova, left Canada last January bound for the Dominican Republic where it was to be used for scrap…READ MORE


Chilling taped confession by suspect in Chicago baseball bat beating of Irish girl

A fingerprint found on a bag that contained baseball bat assault victim Natasha McShane's passport has been matched to the man accused of her attempted murder, a court has heard…READ MORE


Irish delegation pushes immigration reform on Capitol Hill

Chairman Pat Breen is leading a delegation of the Joint Oireachtas (Irish parliament) Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade on a visit to Washington D.C. today. The group is holding a series of meetings with influential members of Congress in the hope of encouraging comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S…READ MORE