Today's top Irish news stories:

Canada 'the new Australia' for Irish workers as brain drain continues

Some 10,000 Irish citizens have secured Canadian working visas for next year, a travel agency based in Ireland has said. say emigration to Canada has increased to a point where it could overtake Australia as the top destination for Irish people…READ MORE


Time for Notre Dame to lose the leprechaun in light of the Washington Redskins?

Niall O'Dowd: With all the brouhaha around the Washington Redskins, is it time that Irish Americans looked again at the Fighting Irish leprechaun?...READ MORE


Irish American had massive amount of guns, ammunition and bombs at his CT mansion

Connecticut man Joseph Callahan was accused of stockpiling an arsenal of guns, ammunition and homemade bombs in his $1 million mansion and was arrested on Tuesday, October 1st….READ MORE


Bill Clinton praises Ireland for being first to help with his global AIDS initiative

Bill Clinton has told of his hope that the Irish people will never again be forced to endure the hardship of another crippling financial crisis…READ MORE


Ireland to lose Emerald charm as climate change brings drier summers

Ireland's lush green fields could soon become a thing of the past if the latest projections on the country’s climate changes are to be believed…READ MORE


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