Today's top Irish news stories:

Mary McAleese wants power sharing for women in the Catholic Church

Former president of Ireland Mary McAleese has spoken out about the need for power sharing for women  in the Catholic Church. She is currently in the U.S. teaching  as a visiting scholar at Boston College…READ MORE


Marcy Cruz sentenced to 22 years for role in Natasha McShane's brutal beating (VIDEO)

The woman who drove the getaway car after Irish student Natasha McShane and Stacey Zurich were savagely beaten in Chicago, apologized Thursday for her role in the crime…READ MORE


Niall O’Dowd: Irish in Britain moving on and up from IRA bombings era

House of Commons, London: The Irish in Britain are different. The scars of The Troubles weighed heavily on the relationship between the two countries in a way that is only now apparent…READ MORE


Revealed: Obama would have dropped Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton in a New York second

Barack Obama’s lack of loyalty to Vice President Joe Biden is stunning. Biden has been the ultimate loyal soldier often jumping out front to take the flak, often pilloried as being a hapless Obama apologist…READ MORE


Irish cleric remembers loyalist Halloween massacre of eight in Derry

Father Stephen Kearney, who comforted victims of the 1993 shooting at the Rising Sun pub in Greysteel, Co Derry said that people remain narrow-minded…READ MORE


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