Today's top Irish news stories:

Ireland second worst country for Americans to live and work in

Ireland of the welcomes may not be so welcoming after all – if you’re an American looking for a job, that is.  According to a new report by British bank HSBC, cited in the Washington Post’s World View series, of the 34 countries ranked by economic opportunities and quality of life for expatriate workers, Ireland ranked second to last. Egypt was last….READ MORE


Boston’s new mayor is the proud son of Irish immigrants from Connemara

On Thursday night Marty Walsh, Boston’s mayor-elect is expected to attend the Irish Emigrant/IrishCentral salute at Faneuil Hall to Irish heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook massacre…READ MORE


Catholic upbringing means Irish ‘don’t talk about their problems’

The inability of Irish people to easily express their emotions can be traced back to a strict upbringing in Catholic Ireland, according to a community activist who works closely with recovering alcoholics in New York City…READ MORE


Richard Donohue shot by Boston Marathon bombers honored among Irish heroes

The Irish Emigrant and IrishCentral are honoring Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue for his brave and courageous efforts during the shoot-outs that occurred last April. He will be among nine honorees to receive an Irish Heroes of New England award this year….READ MORE


Irish family’s unending Hurricane Sandy nightmare, one year on

The World Meteorological Organization retired the name “Sandy” from the official list of Atlantic hurricane names. To remove a name from the list, the storm had to be so deadly, or so costly, that reusing the name would be “confusing or insensitive.”…READ MORE


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