Today's top Irish news stories:

Did John F Kennedy's Irish-born driver cause his death?

The book "The Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence", including contributions from Clint Hill, the secret service agent closest to him on the day, also focuses on another member of the detail, the President's driver, William Greer, a native of County Tyrone...READ MORE


The top Irish chef in the U.S. reveals he was once undocumented in America

The leading Irish chef in the United States has revealed that he once was undocumented in the United States and that he is now ready to fight for immigration reform....READ MORE


Irish American teen jailed for up to 60 years for murdering sister's boyfriend

Connor McCowen, a Michigan teenager, has been found guilty of killing his sister's ex-boyfriend and has been sentenced to 20 to 60 years behind bars...READ MORE


Pig farmer jailed for forcing repo men to strip and get into pen with boar.

A Longford pig farmer has been sent to jail for a year after he forced two repossession men to strip naked and get into a pen with an agitated boar...READ MORE


Paul Simon reads his favorite Seamus Heaney poem at East Village memorial

Legendary singer Paul Simon has led a New York tribute to the work of Irish poet Seamus Heaney in the East Village. Simon was joined on stage by 20 American and Irish writers, including novelist Colm Tóibín and poet Paul Muldoon....READ MORE