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Leading Irish American philanthropist arrested for embezzlement of $1million from his charity

Dan Doyle, 64, an Irish American who was deeply involved in peace process work in Northern Ireland and who played a leading role in fundraising for the national basketball stadium in Dublin, has been arrested in the U.S. on charges of embezzling  $1 million from his charity...READ MORE


Cardinal Brady says threat to excommunicate politicians who vote in favor of abortion remains

Irish politicians who vote in favor of abortion in proposed changes to legislation have been threatened with excommunication from the Catholic Church...READ MORE


Irish woman Rosanna Davison to be first Miss World to pose naked for American Playboy

Irish model Rosanna Davison, daughter of crooner Chris de Burgh is set to make history as the first Miss World to appear naked in the US edition of Playboy...READ MORE


Vatican reportedly tells Cardinal Keith O'Brien to leave Scotland

The Vatican has ordered Cardinal Keith O'Brien to leave Scotland. Britain's most senior priest retired from the church in Scotland after admitting inappropriate sexual conduct with priests and planned to move to a house in Dunbar in East Lothian after vacating his official residence in Edinburgh...READ MORE


Letter that betrayed Irish revolutionary Michael Collins sells at auction for $5,000

A letter from a former friend of rebel leader Michael Collins sold at auction on April 30, 2013 for $5,000. In the letter Collins’ former friend offered to betray Collins to the English in the beginning of the Irish War for Independence...READ MORE


Irish American philanthropist Dan Doyle arrested on charges of embezzlement