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Enda Kenny, not the Catholic Church, speaks for the Irish nation and its Diaspora

n the three years since coming to power, Kenny has looked to build a “Republic of laws,” a Republic that many Irish expatriates in the US—myself included—identify with because it closely mirrors the society in which we now live, a society where the letter of the law rather than the unspoken assumption of a doctrinaire moral code determines social policy...READ MORE


Top Irish footballer admits to gambling addiction that almost ruined his life

A top Irish Gaelic football player has described how a gambling addiction almost ruined his life.

Niall McNamee, captain of the Offaly football team, told the Irish Independent that his father’s intervention and that of the Gaelic Players Association saved his life...READ MORE


Enda Kenny visits Boston marathon bombing site, defends Boston College visit

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said Cardinal Sean O’Malley is entitled to his opinion on abortion – as protesters prepare to voice their opposition to his visit to Boston College...READ MORE


Irish ‘Mick’ fighter pilot was one of the British RAF’s best pilots in World War One

A new book details the contribution of the Irish aces involved in the Allied flying services World War One.

Some 240,000 Irish served in World War One and almost 40,000 died, just 6,000 joined the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service. Some 500 Irish died in the flying services...READ MORE


Nigerian migrants send $653 million a year home from Ireland, new figures show

World Bank figures reveal that Nigerian migrants send $653 million (€500) back home from Ireland each year.

In 2011, figures show $602 million (€468m) in 'remittances' was sent from Ireland to Nigeria, an average of more than €26,000 for each of the 17,642 Nigerian nationals in Ireland, including children...READ MORE


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