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Stunning new maps will outline what Irish land Cromwell stole – and who owned it

Reckon Oliver Cromwell stole your family’s land back in Ireland – now you can find out thanks to Trinity College in Dublin...READ MORE


The Celtic disease, recovering from Haemochromatosis or too much iron

What would you do if you found yourself constantly tired with little or no energy? This is what happened to Ballinasloe, Galway, woman Maureen Cahalan over a long period of time, leaving her drained and exhausted...READ MORE


High-profile female boss describes sexual harassment against her

Margaret Sweeney, the former chief executive of Postbank and Aer Rianta, has blasted Ireland's culture of sexual harassment in the corporate workplace...READ MORE


Anti-teenage suicide campaigner Donal Walsh dies after brave battle with cancer - VIDEO

A 16-year-old cancer victim who pleaded with teenagers to resist suicidal tendencies has died at his Kerry home.

Donal Walsh touched the hearts of the Irish nation with his heartfelt plea to those considering suicide to think otherwise...READ MORE


Find the place in Ireland that most closely matches the values in your life with the new Census map

Profiles of cities, towns and villages of Ireland compiled from the 2011 census provide statistical pictures of every county allowing the public to single out which place in Ireland most matches their personal values...READ MORE


A collection of Cromwellian Plantation maps, from 1670, at Trinity College Dublin show ownership of lands plundered in IrelandTCD