Today's top Irish  news stories:

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton related to Irish singer Chris de Burgh

Family researchers have an uncovered a link between Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Irish-British singer Chris de Burgh, who is most famous for his hit ‘Lady in Red.’..READ MORE


Roma Downey’s ‘The Bible’ mini-series slammed in the New York Times - VIDEO

Irish actress Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, the producer behind such hits as ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ have teamed up to produce a ten hour mini-series for The History Channel entitled ‘The Bible.’..READ MORE


Judge calls on Ancient Order of Hibernians to get involved in immigration reform

Judge John Collins, a retired Bronx-based Supreme Court judge in New York State and  leader in the fight to change the 1965 Immigration law which essentially barred the Irish from the U.S., has called on the new generation of Ancient Order of Hibernian leaders to get involved...READ MORE


Cardinal Keith O’Brien apologizes for sexual conduct, asks for forgiveness

Cardinal Keith O’Brien said in a statement on Saturday that he apologizes for any offenses and has asked for forgiveness after three priests and one former priest accused him of inappropriate behavior last week...READ MORE


Auction planned for letter which first betrayed Michael Collins to the British authorities

The original letter written by the informer who betrayed Michael Collins to the British is to be auctioned in Dublin next month. His letter was intercepted by an IRA spy in Dublin Castle...READ MORE


Kate Middleton wears green for St. Patrick's Day 2012. Duchess of Cambridge has been found to have Irish roots by BBC genealogists.GF/