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Irish aid worker attempts suicide in Calcutta after saying she was raped on 21st birthday

An Irish aid worker who has claimed she was raped in India by a businessman on the night she celebrated her 21st birthday has attempted suicide...READ MORE


Boston Irish Immigration Center continues to lie about their role in turning woman in to State Department

The Boston Irish Immigration Center is lying again about how it handled the issue of the Irish intern they reported to the State Department. They seem incapable of displaying any integrity...READ MORE


Scorching summer sunshine leads to road closures as Ireland takes to the beach

Irish police had to close roads such was the volume of traffic heading to the beach on Sunday – but the good weather is set to break...READ MORE


"First Woman Bishop" elected as one of Ireland's four main church leaders - VIDEO

Reverend Dr Heather Morris will become the president of the Methodist Church on Wednesday, the first time a female cleric has been elected one of Ireland's four main church leaders...READ MORE


Republican politician calls for removal - English flag airbrushed from G8 brochure of Enniskillen

The Fermanagh District Council have admitted to Photoshopping the English flag, St George’s flag, out of an image of Enniskillen Castle featured in a public brochure, being distributed during the G8 Summit...READ MORE


Crowds in Calcutta hold a vigil in protest of the sexual assaults. Irish aid worker who was allegedly raped has attempted suicide.