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Irish the ‘forgotten white slaves’ says expert John Martin

The history of the African slave trade into the America’s is one that is well-documented as well as largely taught in American schools today...READ MORE


GOP and Democratic leaders agree on path to citizenship in immigration bill

Both Republicans and Democrats agreed at the weekend that a path to citizenship for the undocumented will be part of the new immigration reform bill...READ MORE


St. Brigid’s Church, built by Irish famine emigrants, re-opens in New York

One hundred and sixty years after Irish famine emigrants built St. Brigid’s church in the lower east side of Manhattan the church was re-opened again after a massive private donation of $20 million...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Joe Biden must worry about Hillary and Barack love fest on '60 Minutes'

Just days after rescuing Obama on issues such as the fiscal cliff and gun control, Joe Biden must be worrying what it takes to get some loyalty around the White House...READ MORE


Partner of murdered Irish policeman was threatened as he ran to help dying cop

Detective Joe Ryan, the partner of murdered cop Adrian Donohue, was warned that he would be shot in the head if he came to the aid of his dying friend...READ MORE


White sugar slaves photographed in Barbados