Today's top Irish news stories:

My mother died of 'slave related injuries' says Magdalene Laundries daughter

A Dublin woman has succeeded in her attempts to get the media to focus on Magdalene Laundries by trending on Twitter days ahead of the publication of a government report into the scandal...READ MORE


Patrick Roberts: “Bang Bang” Obama shoots himself in the foot with gun photo

It is Barack Obama’s “I didn’t inhale” moment when he looks silly, dumb and plain stupid.

I’m talking about the picture of our president shooting off some kind of gun at Camp David and pretending he is somehow on the side of gun owners...READ MORE


Danny Boy: U2 frontman Bono's former Mercedes a flop as eBay auction goes bidless

A 33-year-old Mercedes that used to belong to U2 frontman Bono has attracted no bids on eBay after its second listing for auction...READ MORE


Top Irish athletes restore key community buildings in Rockaways, Breezy Point

After Hurricane Sandy tore through the heart of Breezy Point in Queens, one of the most Irish neighborhoods in America, a group of Irish GAA superstars took it upon themselves to travel twice across the Atlantic to help with the rebuilding...READ MORE


Irish American lawyer says wife’s sister forced him to sleep with her

Manhattan Irish-American lawyer Ted McCullough, 47, is denying allegations from his sister-in-law that he sexually assaulted her. McCullough claims that their relations were consensual as his wife’s sister Adrienne Mesko was trying to have a baby...READ MORE


Daughter tells of her mother's slave related injuries following stay that Magdalene Laundry