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Niall O'Dowd: Why I will shed no tears now for the late Mrs Margaret Thatcher

I will shed no tears for Margaret Thatcher, who has died aged 87, nor do I suspect will most Irish people.

She will be worst remembered for allowing Bobby Sands and nine others to die when there was a perfectly reasonable compromise on offer to settle the hunger strikers demands...READ MORE


Ireland's agony aunt warns teenagers who dress ‘like hookers’

Ireland’s most famous agony aunt has warned that young girls nowadays go out dressed “like hookers” and draw problems on themselves...READ MORE


Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy calls Wayne LaPierre ‘a clown at the circus’

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy had some choice words for NRA chief Wayne La Pierre who has ridiculed the state’s new bill and whose all-out defense of guns has led to clashes between pro and anti-gun lobbies...READ MORE


Number of Irish emigrating for new life in Australia up 45 percent

The latest data shows that at the end of February 2013 there were 12,490 Irish workers in Australia on primary 457 visas in comparison to the 8,620 in 2012 which equals a rise of 45 percent within one year in the number of Irish people seeking a new life in Australia...READ MORE


Irish matchmakers now catering far more to more gay singles

Irish matchmakers are increasingly catering to gay men and women who need help finding life-long soulmates and are tired of the superficial encounters proffered on online dating sites...READ MORE