Today's top Irish news stories:

Dublin still bears the scars of the 1916 Easter Rising battle almost 100 years later

Nearly a century has passed since Ireland’s monumental 1916 Easter Uprising took place on the streets of Dublin. Today, the city still bears many of the scars as a result of the fighting between the Irish and British...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: The fight for Irish freedom and the 97th anniversary of the Easter 1916 Rising

If there is a better book on the Easter Rising and its aftermath than Ernie O’Malley’s “On Another Man’s Wound,” I have yet to read it. It has just been reissued by Mercier Press in Ireland...READ MORE


Irish Catholics still believe in heaven but not so much in hell says new poll

A recent poll carried out by Behavior & Attitudes for the Irish Sunday Times on religious beliefs has yielded some very interesting results.

Of the adult Irish Catholics polled, 82 percent said they believed in God, but when it came to attending a church service or mass weekly, only 34 percent could say they did...READ MORE


Dear Rory - a mother remembers her son

Rory Staunton aged 12 died from sepsis on April 1st 2012. His death has led to a major national campaign to end sepsis and to help children get better care in emergency rooms. Orlaith Staunton wrote this letter to her  son on the 1st anniversary of his death...READ MORE


Dissident Republicans blamed for West Belfast murder of pizza delivery man

Dissident Republicans have been blamed for the murder of a pizza delivery man in Belfast on Saturday night.

Father of one Kieran McManus was blasted at point blank range outside Domino’s Pizza in West

Belfast...READ MORE


Photograph, shows a Jacob’s lorry making its way through the rubble after the 1916 Easter