Today's top Irish news stories:

Niall O'Dowd: An Irish American pope could be a real possibility - Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley now a focus in top Italian circles

The extraordinary possibility of an Irish American pope seems to be taking flight this week.

In a poll of experts by Corriere della Sera, Italy’s equivalent of The New York Times, Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley was the favored pick...READ MORE


Nicola Furlong’s father say accused American’s murder defense sex claims make his blood boil

The father of Irish student Nicola Furlong has said in an RTE Radio interview that some of the implications  made by the legal defense representing her alleged murderer  has "maddened him."..READ MORE


Parts of Ireland urged to prepare for bitter cold weather conditions

Met Eireann, Ireland’s national meteorological service, has warned of what it is predicting to be some of the most severe weather Ireland has had so far this year...READ MORE


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this simple cupcake recipe

Simple, sweet, delicious and fun to make the kids. Roll your sleeves up and have some fun with this St. Patrick's Day recipe...READ MORE


Christine Quinn announces for New York Mayor, prepares to make history - First gay, female, mayor and first Irish mayor in decade

An openly gay redheaded Irish American woman has announced she is running for mayor of New York and she is very likely to win...READ MORE