Today's top Irish news stories:

Dolours Price tapes are handed over to Northern Irish police by Boston College

The Boston College IRA tapes have been handed over to police from Northern Ireland under instruction from a United States federal court…READ MORE


Irish couple's evidence could help solve Madeleine McCann case

Evidence provided by Irish couple could help solve the case of Madeleine McCann. A two-year review of the case documents by Scotland Yard has been upgraded to a full investigation into the British child's unexplained disappearance on May 3, 2007…READ MORE


George W. Bush comes out strongly in favor of immigration reform passing

Former President George W. Bush has come out strongly in favor of immigration reform and not just because it may help the Republican party…READ MORE


Irish hacker attacks Nigerian government website over anti-gay bill

An Irish hacker has attacked Nigeria's official government website in protest of its anti-gay bill, which will jail convicted gay people for 14 years…READ MORE


Irish political party Fianna Fail takes lead in latest poll

Fianna Fail has a three percent lead over Fine Gael, according to the latest Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll…READ MORE


Madeleine McCann who was just four when she disappeared in Portugal in 2007Handout