Today's top Irish newsstories:

Man charged with setting fire to American flag outside Manhattan Irish pub over July 4th

Police have arrested a man for setting fire to an American flag outside a Midtown Manhattan Irish pub over the July 4th holidays. The flag had been raised to honor America after the Irish owner of the bar Pete Doherty obtained American citizenship…READ MORE


Marcy Cruz sentenced to 22-years in prison for Chicago attack that left Natasha McShane close to death

Marcy Cruz (28), the woman who drove the getaway car on the night Irish exchange student Natasha McShane and her friend Stacy Jurich were beaten, has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 22-years in prison…READ MORE


In Boston 10,000 undocumented Irish wait anxiously for news on immigration bill

Niall O’Dowd in Boston: Father John McCarthy is the emigrant chaplain at St. Brendan’s parish in Dorchester, a Boston neighborhood. He has been on loan for more years that he cares to remember from the diocese of Limerick…READ MORE


Penn State signs on as Alabama, Boston College and Notre Dame in talks to play in Dublin

Dublin’s famed Croke Park will play host to an American collegiate football game in 2014, confirmed the Irish Times on Tuesday July 10th…READ MORE


Irish leader describes murder of two elderly brothers in botched robbery as ‘act of savagery’

Irish leader Enda Kenny has described the killing of two elderly brothers in his home town of Castlebar, County Mayo, as an “act of savagery.”…READ MORE


The Playwright Pub: Owner John Doherty hung the red, white and blue to celebrate his U.S. citizenship, which he earned four days earlier.Daily News