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Irish nanny pleads not guilty in death of Boston baby, released on $500,000 bail

Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady, from County Cavan, has pleaded not guilty to the assault and battery of a one-year-old baby girl in Boston. The Irish native has been released on $500,000 bail after a court hearing in Cambridge…READ MORE


Irish American lobby focused on immigration reform in Obama’s second term

An urgent need for immigration reform was the Irish American message at a Washington inaugural brunch hosted by the Council for American Ireland Relations (CAIR)…READ MORE


Woman banned from speaking to Irish neighbors after 14-year campaign of racist abuse

A 63-year-old woman has been banned from speaking to her neighbors after a 14-year campaign of racist harassment…READ MORE


Enda Kenny discusses Irish film industry with ‘Lincoln’s’ Daniel Day Lewis and Steven Spielberg – VIDEO

Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s finest, Prime Minister Enda Kenny met with ‘Lincoln’ Star Daniel Day Lewis and director Steven Spielberg last Sunday…READ MORE


Ernest Shackleton’s 102-year-old whiskey returned to its Antarctic home - distillers aim to recreate the brew

Three bottles of a rare, 19th century Scotch found beneath the floorboards of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s exploration base were returned to his base in Antarctica on January 18. The bottles have been returned 102 years after Shackleton had left them behind during his South Pole expedition…READ MORE

The case against Aisling McCarthy Brady, charged with the murder of one-year-old Rehma Sabir in Boston, is beginning to show holes.Cambridge Day