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New reports suggest Robert F Kennedy’s wife Mary may have attempted suicide several times

A year after Mary Richardson Kennedy’s suicide, many people are still at odds as to what was the ultimate inciting factor into her decision to take her own life...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Prospects for immigration reform bill are 50-50 say the pols privately

The marvelous thing about American politics is how close you can get to the main players. You can literally stroll into every senator and congressman’s office and meet the staffer or, if you are lucky, the politician themselves...READ MORE


'You attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims' - Dzhokar Tsarnaev leaves note inside Watertown boat

New evidence reportedly found in the Watertown boat where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev was hiding has further implicated him in association with the attacks...READ MORE


Disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien leaves Scotland for prayer and penance at the Vatican

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who resigned from his role of Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh in February amid allegations of sexual misconduct, will be leaving Scotland to take part in a period of spiritual renewal at the Vatican...READ MORE


Census shows more Catholics than Protestants unemployed in Northern Ireland

The latest census figures from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Branch show that Catholics in Northern Ireland are more likely to be unemployed or living in overcrowded conditions with worse health than Protestants...READ MORE


Robert F. Kennedy and wife Mary Richardson Kennedy pictured in