Today's top Irish news stories:

Florida Irish pub banned from flying tricolor this St. Patrick’s Day by law – VIDEO

An Irish pub in Atlantic Beach, Florida, has received a citation for flying the Irish tricolor outside their bar. They have also been forced to take the flag down...READ MORE


Family in shock as Cork father who drowned his child defends himself in suicide note – VIDEO

Details of the investigation of Cork farmer Martin McCarthy’s (50) murder of his three-year-old daughter, Clarissa, and suicide have emerged. Police reveal her father made plans to kill his daughter and composed an “exceptionally long” letter for her American mother...READ MORE


Irish sayings, proverbs and prayers for you and your family this St. Patrick's Day

From great writers to ancient blessings we compiled some of our favourite Irish sayings, proverbs and prayers for St. Patrick's day...READ MORE


Bill O'Reilly: 'I'm Sorry' I Said Alan Colmes Was 'Lying' - Kirsten Powers Calls Him '100 Percent Wrong' - VIDEO

After his explosive performance went viral on Wednesday evening, Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly was apparently having second thoughts last night...READ MORE


Poll suggests New Yorkers don’t believe in a sober St. Patrick’s Day, do you agree? - VIDEO

Green madness has already hit the streets of New York as the city gears up for its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Considering the stereotypical association with Ireland’s national Catholic holiday and being completely off your head drunk we asked New Yorkers if they would consider a sober St. Patrick’s Day...READ MORE


Waitress at Culhane's Irish pub displays the bar's tricolor which will now head to storage for St. Patrick's Day