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Survivor of the Boston bombing Jane Richard, 7, is back Irish dancing

I hope that in whatever prison hellhole he is in that someone will show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the photograph of little Irish dancer Jane Richards and her new prosthetic limb to replace the leg he and his sick brother Tamerlan blew off with their Boston marathon bomb...READ MORE


Catholic bishop ditches Democratic party over abortion, gay marriage stance

Bishop Thomas Tobin, the outspoken head of the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, has announced he has left the Democratic Party for the GOP after hearing the pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage stance of the party at the 2012 Democratic National Convention...READ MORE


Irish brothers walk out of Venezuela prison and hop on local bus

Two Irish brothers, serving 11-years for drug smuggling, phoned their priest to tell him they had walked out of the notorious San Juan prison, in Venezuela...READ MORE


Northern Ireland police force take a positive stand against marching season

The Unionist marching season includes about 2,300 marches across Northern Ireland. The Republican marching season includes about 70 marches usually clustered around Easter Rising commemoration ceremonies and held in their own communities...READ MORE


Man who allegedly killed his father before cutting off his own hands appears in court

Jason Dunn, the 27-year old Californian man who allegedly stabbed his father with a pair of scissors before cutting off his own hands with a radial-arm saw appeared in court this Wednesday...READ MORE


Boston bombing victim Jane RichardsHandout