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Former Bronx priest sues Catholic Church to clear his name after sexual abuse allegation droppped

A well known and once well regarded Irish American priest in the Bronx is suing the Archdiocese of New York for libel. Charles Kavanagh claims that the sex abuse allegations made against him were false, and that church officials here knew it when they repeated them in public...READ MORE


Irish farmer buys back land he sold for $2 million for $75,000

An Irish farmer has bought back land he sold at the height of the Celtic Tiger for close to $2 million for just $75,000...READ MORE


Top ten ancient Irish homemade remedies and health tips

Shakespeare’s witches, with their "Eye of newt, and toe of frog”, could well have been related to some of our Irish ancient ancestors if some of these remedies are to be believed...READ MORE


Irish politicians demand that US-Ireland Alliance CEO appear before their committee

Seven members of the Irish Foreign Affairs Committee of the Irish parliament have requested that US-Ireland Alliance founder and CEO Trina Vargo appear before them to explain how the finances of the US-Ireland Alliance are spent...READ MORE


How John Gotti Jr’s movie about his family is bankrolled by an Irish immigrant

Hollywood's version of the Junior Gotti family story  is being bankrolled by Irish construction magnate Fay Devlin, a Tyrone native based in New York. There are reports that he has invested $10 million...READ MORE