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Irish Bishops accused of hating women by top female politician during abortion hearings

Ireland’s Catholic Bishops have been accused of hating women by a leading female Labour Party Senator.

Ivana Bacik made the accusation during a parliamentary hearing on proposals to allow for abortion where a mother’s life is at risk...READ MORE


VP Joe Biden suddenly looks like the smartest politician in America

Joe Biden is suddenly the most popular politician in Washington and a real contender for 2016. The latest opinion poll by Public Policy shows him running a strong second to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination...READ MORE


Ireland ranked 12th on list of best places to be born in the world

Ireland has  been declared one of the best countries to be born in according to The Economist.

A new survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked Ireland 12th among 80 other countries in terms of the life chances of babies born in 2013...READ MORE


For cold and flu season, our top ten ancient Irish homemade remedies and health tips

Shakespeare’s witches, with their "Eye of newt, and toe of frog”, could well have been related to some of our ancient Irish ancestors if some of these remedies are to be believed...READ MORE


Donald Trump presents birth certificate to Bill Maher to prove his father was not an orangutan - VIDEO

The Donald doesn't like a challenge, particularly if it concerns his birth certificate.

Trump wasted no time this week responding to a challenge set by Irish American comedian Bill Maher on the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno.'..READ MORE

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