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Cardinal Roger Mahony removed from public life by LA Archbishop Gomez

A Catholic Archbishop has described the efforts of the American church to thwart police investigations into clerical sex abuse as ‘terribly sad and evil’ – after he banned Cardinal Roger M. Mahony from public life…READ MORE


Irish women should follow St. Brigid, not just St. Patrick

St. Brigid is the female equivalent of St. Patrick in Ireland, but there are no parades in her honor, and apart from the St. Brigid's Cross, her name is hardly known. That really should change…READ MORE


Missing businessman has ‘thief’ engraved into his forehead

The missing property developer found wandering on a country road in Leitrim had the word ‘thief’ engraved into his forehead – and claims he was abducted by the Russian mafia…READ MORE


Niall O’Dowd: Ed Koch not popular with many Irish during his career -- Late NY Mayor defended British role in North after Irish trip in 1988

I never had much time for Ed Koch, the mayor of New York from 1978 to 1989. The mayor died today. He was a blusterer who early on in his career stopped listening and began pronouncing and never stopped…READ MORE


Kendra Wilkinson is heartbroken by death of Hugh Hefner's secretary Mary O'Connor

The former 'The Girls Next Door' star and glamor model penned a touching obituary about the Playboy "mansion mom", who passed away last weekend after ongoing health issues and said she "wouldn't be the person I am without her"…READ MORE

Cardinal Roger Mahony has been retired from public life following sexual abuse cover up