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Abigail Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church calls all Irish ‘knuckle-dragging potato-eating perverts’ - AUDIO

It’s no news that Westboro Baptist Church is an organization of lunatics who are hell bent on promoting hate and prejudice within America today, but they may have outdone themselves with their latest stunt…READ MORE


Top ten Irish expressions an American picked up living there

So you’ve heard recently on this site about Irishsims in America and Irishisms in Ireland. Here’s my top ten list of words I can’t shake as an American who lived in Ireland and now has returned…READ MORE


Mailman gets jail term after robbing $3 million to feed massive gambling addiction

An Irish mail man stole over $3million from his employers as he fed a major gambling addiction with a turnover of over $14million…READ MORE


Pictures of Irish child laborers in 1900s forced change in child labor laws in the US - PHOTOS

Housed in the United States Library of Congress under the National Child Labor Committee Collection, are moving and sad images of child labor from the early 1900s. These photos, many of them of Irish children, were taken by Lewis Wickes Hine, a sociologist and photographer who used his art to eventually change child labor law…READ MORE


Ryanair voted worst airline in the world in new survey

Ireland’s no frills airline Ryanair has hit turbulence after it was voted the worst in the world – and received just a one star rating…READ MORE